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DMK Beta Gel

DMK Beta Gel is a powerful, serum suitable for any type of skin and condition.  DMK Beta Gel is packed with vitamins and a unique blend of other, powerful ingredients. These ingredients are designed to enhance the defenses of the skin's natural immune system to prevent premature aging and repair damaged skin.

DMK Beta Gel Is Used To Treat:

  • Acne congested skins and microbial conditions
  • Trauma, burns, sutures and staples
  • Excellent for pre and post operative clients
  • Pre and post laser microneedling
  • Smokers, slow healers and sluggish skin
  • Sun damage, premature aging and environmentally stressed skins
  • Red, reactive and inflamed skin
  • Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea

DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum

DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum is a powerful anti-ageing formula containing a high dosage of Vitamin C.  Applied directly to the skin, it is highly recommended to revise the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone and texture.

A Powerful, Highly-Effective Formula That Gets Results! Here's How DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum Can Help You:

  • Improves your skin's texture, firmness and bounce
  • Reduces visible signs of aging • Lifts sagging skin
  • Lightens and brightens the skin
  • Faster healing and repair of damaged skin tissue
  • Essential for treating scarring, pigmentation and environmental damage

DMK Deep Pore Pure Facial Cleanser

Excellent for normal, oily, congested and darker skin tones, DMK Deep Pore Pure is a gentle non-stripping foaming cleanser, contains skin cleansing properties that have a disincrustation action on waxes and debris deep in the pores, removes cell build up and makeup.

  • Leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and supple
  • Instant brightening effect on the skin
  • Detoxifies, and leaves the skin with an antibacterial protection
  • Contains natural botanical astringents and antiseptics
  • pH Balanced
  • Can be used by males for shaving

DMK Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray

A rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements formulated from a unique blend of hand-soaked herbs. DMK Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray ensures transdermal delivery of nourishing crèmes. Herb and Mineral Mist is suitable for everyone and can be used daily. It can also be used throughout the day as a quick "pick up" skin refresher--it can even be sprayed lightly over make-up. Flight attendants have been using DMK Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray for several years to keep their skin from becoming dry in the recycled air in planes.

Here's What DMK Herb and Mineral Moisture Spray Can Do for Your Skin:

  • Aids in transdermal delivery of nourishing crèmes
  • Acts a vehicle for carrying nutrients to skin cells
  • Increases dermal hydration
  • Keeps the skin moist and supple
  • Has Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and Antibacterial properties

DMK Eyeweb

It took DMK over two years to develop and formulate DMK Limited Eye Web.  He set out to not only create something different and exceptional, but also the perfect complement to the beauty and sophistication that the DMK Limited line of products are known and recognized for. Imagine using a product that creates an invisible web-like structure to lift, tighten, and tone the delicate area around the eye, much like a topical filler. Then add ingredients that strengthen, protect and brighten the area over time, and you have the last eye cream you will ever need--DMK Limited Eye Web. The formula contains cutting edge Phyto-suspension Technology, and a single daily application will give your eyes 24 hours of critical active nutrients and pigment erasers. Use DMK Limited Eye Web for more beautiful eyes every day.

DMK Transgenesis

Your Skin, Only Better.  We may not be able to travel back in time, but DNK has learned to transcend its effects on the skin. DMK Transgenesis utilizes advanced ingredients to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention.  Specific marine sourced enzymes encourage cell turnover and regeneration without irritation. Multiple peptides supported with amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients encourage new baby collagen and overall cell health. Finally, DMK added glycosaminoglycans to restore moisture levels, filligrin modulators to lock in the moisture, and beta glucan to support your skin's immune function. Within a few weeks, your skin will be looking and performing at its optimum level giving it the fresh new start it deserves.  DMK spared no expense to ensure that only the finest and most effective ingredients are used in this discerning product. Every ingredient used ensures that you get the results you want quickly and easily.

DMK Elevate Creme

DMK Elevate is specifically designed for the neck and décolleté. Elevate contains revitalizing bio-energy ingredients that create a warming thermogenic effect that lifts and tightens the neck and décolleté tissues in remarkably short time. With continued use, the improvements become lasting. Elevate lifts and tightens sagging skin and stimulates tightening of the neck muscles. It also provides skin nutrients that stimulate collagen production and increase skin density, improves immune function, and micro-circulation in the skin.

Envy Pillow

Experience overnight Skin Care in one pillow with a 100% mulberry sILK pillowcase plus patented off your face design. Support your spine, reduce wrinkles, and get some serious sleep.