MIC and B12

Improving Overall Health

Nutrients given via intramuscular injection are absorbed quickly and without associated absorption problems

MIC + B12 Injections

Our IM ( intramuscular injection) supplement program is the latest service that we have developed at Comella Health to help our patients achieve their overall health and wellness goals. More effective than the traditional oral route of administration, nutrients given via intramuscular injection are absorbed quickly into the blood stream and without associated absorption problems in the GI tract.  Our lipotropic MIC +B12 injection was formulated to supplement a well rounded nutrition and physical activity program to aid in fat metabolism and help increase energy levels.

Lipotropic MIC Injections + B12

  • MIC ( methionine- inositol- choline ) are amino acid and carbohydrate derived compounds that are believed to help aid the liver in processing fat cells along with boosting energy and aiding in mental clarity.  This amino acid / nutrient combination plays an important role in the body's utilization of fats along with working to help transport and eliminate fat cell metabolites from the body.  The addition of B12 is thought to enhance the lipotropic effects of MIC along with accelerating metabolic processes in the body. When administered in combination with a balanced diet and solid exercise program, MIC injections can help remove fat metabolites and toxins from the liver as well as increase energy levels.
  • Methionine - An essential amino acid that is not synthesized by the human body. It must be consumed through our diet or by supplementation. Methionine helps to breakdown fat stores in the liver, neutralize free radicals, lower cholesterol, improve skin tone and elasticity, and aid in relieving fatigue.  Methionine does contain sulfur so we recommend those with a sulfa allergy not use this supplement.
  • Inositol - Is a B-vitamin like compound ( it's not technically a B-vitamin ) and is involved in many biological processes. Inositol has been shown to aid in fat metabolism, reduce cholesterol, and also modulate serotonin activity which affects our mood. Inositol deficiency may manifest with symptoms such as hair loss, elevated cholesterol or constipation. Inositol has been shown to be most effective in fat metabolism when given via intramuscular (IM) injection route.   There is also data to show that inositol may be effective in reducing insulin resistance.
  • Choline - Is a macronutrient vital to normal brain development, normal nerve and liver function, and proper energy levels. It has been specifically shown to aid in memory and also support the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.  Choline works in the liver to assist in detoxification reactions.
  • B12 ( methylcobalamin) - Vit B12 has been shown to play a significant role in the normal functioning of the nervous system along with red blood cell formation. There is presently a tremendous amount of research and data showing the benefits of B12 injections in boosting metabolic rate, energy levels, and aiding in the breakdown of stored body fat. Furthermore, B12 helps to regulate sleep, mood, and appetite.

What does it all mean?

Each of the individual components of MIC are important because they play a role in utilizing fat stores, mobilizing fat, aiding in the removal of toxins from the body, and just plain helping you to feel better. And while all these compounds can technically be ingested through a proper diet, many of us still remain deficient due to exhausting lifestyles, poorly balanced diets and heavy physical activity.

We have been careful not to market MIC as a weight loss shot because that's NOT what it is.

If you're looking for an easy fix, this isn't it!  MIC injections do not 'burn fat' and anyone who tells you that MIC will melt away the pounds isn't being truthful and/or doesn't understand the biochemistry of its components.  While there are no conclusive medical trials showing the effectiveness of MIC injections for weight loss, our personal experience here at Comella Health is that MIC injections can be a useful supplement for those who have a solid nutrition and physical activity program and are looking for a little boost.

Our MIC injection protocol should be thought of as just one small component of a healthy lifestyle which may be useful to you along your journey.  As with any supplement, the goal is to create an environment inside your body that will maximize your nutrition and exercise efforts. Remember, supplements like MIC are designed to work WITH you, not FOR you.

MIC + B12 protocol -  2 injections per week for 8 weeks

Risks of MIC + B12 injection

Bruising or pain at the injection site, allergic reaction to any of the components ( methionine, inositol, choline, sulfa ) , upset stomach, diarrhea, exhaustion, unexplained muscular pain ( typically neck or hands ), unexplained joint pain, or urinary problems.